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We fight for the animals protection and to guarantee them a good life. We have a shelter where we take care of cats and other animals that could need it, we find them a new home and we take care of multiple cat colonies in the Manacor area. We follow the TNR method to control population levels and guarantee them a good quality of life.




We want virtually no abandoned cats and to make sure those that are can live with dignity. To reach this goal it is necessary to fight to promote private castration and safe and responsible adoptions.



Positive tratment. We treat all cats that we rescue or that live in our shelter or foster homes with respect, patience and understanding. We try to reduce the stress caused by change, helping them with their traumas and heal not only their physical wounds, but also their emotional ones, taking care of them with much love.

Justice. We have to be their voice, because animals have no way of fighting for their rights, dignity and needs.

Control of the feline population. The control of the feline population in the streets is a fundamental objective for us. The implementation of the TNR method is the only ethical and effective way tackle the problem of feline overpopulation and terrible life quality on the street. That is why we fight to implant it in a organized and formal way to give dignity and rights to these animals.

Responsible adoptions. We rescue these animals and it is our duty to find them a place where they are going to feel loved and where their needs are going to be met. Our adoption process may seem too exhaustive, but it is the only way to achieve responsible and successful adoptions.

Cooperation. We get help of a small group of people with great enthusiasm: volunteers, cat sponsors, donors and colleagues from other organizations who make everything easier.