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One way to help us is to adopt or sponsor a cat, find your ideal partner clicking hear.

Besides, donating is another simple way to help, we have to feed, clean and take care of our cats every day, all this requires not only phisical effort but also economical face thanks to he felp from our patreons and volunteers. More information 👇


Do you want to know what your donation is used for? Here you have clear and simple options.

Would you like to donate a custom ammount?

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We do not only need economical help, you can also donate your time!

Become a volunteer and actively participate in the shelters tasks and/or other activities just as important to keep doing our job!

If you want to take part in our work as a volunteer, you can do it in the following ways:

1. Volunteer to clean the shelter.

2. Volunteer to manage feline colonies.

3. Volunteer for fairs, street markets and cat feed collections.

4. Volunteer for crafting or artwork creation for later sale to help the cats on the shelter.


Become a foster home! It’s another way to help us and our cats, offering your home, as temporary shelter, for one or more of the cats we rescue. It’s one of the mos beautiful way to help them, a unique experience for you and an opportunity for them. You only have to take care of them and pet them for a while…

We’ll take care of adoption or vet costs!
To offer your house as temporary shelter, contact us and we’ll explain you everyting in detail!